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The Economic Crisis: An American Tragedy




Anxiety disorders, depression, alcoholism, suicide and homocide – these are just a few of the emotional problems creeping up in the wake of the economic crisis sweeping the country.

If you need proof of the toll it’s taking on Americans – look no further than the tragic story of Carlene Balderrama, Evon Pavey or Peter Bellington.

Carlene Balderrama, the 53-year old mother and wife from Taunton, Mass., fatally shot herself Tuesday just hours before her mortgage company was
scheduled to auction her house off.

Police said she faxed a letter to the company saying that by the time they foreclosed on her house that day, she would be dead. Ironically, her body was still inside the house when interested buyers showed up at the auction around 5 p.m., according to Taunton police chief Raymond O'Berg.

Balderrama’s husband John said he had no clue about the financial crisis that had been tearing his wife apart.  Source - ABC News.

Evon Pavey, a house wife of New Albany, Ohio that ended up in severe credit card debt. Upset about the financial situation she had placed her family in, she committed suicide by driving her blue Mercury Tracer into a lake.  Source - Maxed Out by James D. Scurlock.

Peter Bellington of College Dale, Tennessee who studied
psychology in college found himself in serious student loan debt, credit card debt and automobile debt. On May 20, 2002 Peter's parents informed him that they would not be able to help him with his debt anymore. After arguing with his parents Peter went upstairs, got a 9mm pistol and shot his father, mother and sister to death.  He got life in prison.  Source - Maxed Out by James D. Scurlock.

The actions of these individuals were extreme, but there are millions of Americans suffering from stress, mood swings, domestic violence, poor health and agonizing depression all stemming from the worries of dealing with the overwhelming effects of the current economic crisis. When people are pushed from all directions the world starts to close in on them and we often don't know how they will react until it's to late.

Don't allow yourself or a loved one to become one of these tragic statistics ... begin learning now how to take control of your current financial situation and gain the critical information one must know to live better in Today's Current Economic Conditions.

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