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Do You Know What You Need To Know To Keep Your Job?

Job Competition Is At an All Time High

In a time when jobs are few and competition for jobs is at an all time high, do you know what you need to know to keep yours? 

Well of course there can be no absolutes, no guarantees, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you are valuable to the company you work for and improve your chances of being kept on the job.

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Go beyond. Look for ways to go beyond what you've been told to do. Volunteer for additional tasks. But be careful! Don't volunteer for more than you can handle. You want to be known as a go-getter who gets the job done well.
Watch your attitude. Now is not the time to complain constantly. Be positive! Do not whine or complain excessively. A reputation as a morale-killer can cause you to lose you your job.
Punctual and dependable. You want to be noticed in a positive way. Make sure you are on time to work, and that you limit your sick days (the fewer the better) and vacation time.  The first people fired are those who are never there and are therefore not needed. Be there!  Be productive!  And be dependable! 
Improve your skills.  Take extra classes to brush up the latest skills. If career improvement seminars are offered at work, attend them. You want to show your employer that you are still viable in the workplace, and that you have the necessary training and interest to continue doing a good job.
In addition it is also worth mentioning that many opportunities come from doing your very best at whatever it is that you are doing.  By always putting your best foot forward you will be giving yourself the best chances possible that you will not be one those who finds themselves out of work.  Good, hard work is a valued commodity!
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