Score of 50 - 47 ... You are doing great!  If you are not where you want to be financially at this point in life, you will probably find that if you push yourself to new limits you will reach new heights even in the current economy.  Reach New Heights> 
Score of 46 - 38 ... Not bad, in fact better than most.  Focus on your finances and your decisions concerning them and you will see improvement in your situation.  You have the ablilty to remain stable in todays economy.  Move Beyond Stable>
Scores of 37 and below ... You will need to work hard to improve your financial decisions.  Keeping up with the current economy may become a struggle if it is not already.  Become Stable and Improve Your Life>






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Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In Todays Economy?

Find Out If You Have What Takes To Survive or Even Thrive

Ever wonder why it seems, for some people, things come so easily and for others everything seems to be a constant struggle.  In most of life attitude affects much of what we do.  When it comes to our finances, our attitudes toward money affect our financial situation.  Our attitude towards money influences the decisions we make, and the decisions we make are what affect our bank accounts. 

What kind of financial decision maker are you?  To find out take the short test below:



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1. Is your overall outlook on life positive? 

Always    Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never

2. Are you confident in your ability to successfully cope with the current economy?

Always    Almost Always    Sometimes    Amost Never    Never

3. Is your financial life organized?

Always    Almost Always   Sometimes    Almost Never    Never

4. Do you know exactly what dollar amount you have coming into your household?

Always   Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never

5. Do you know exactly what dollar amount you have going out of your household?

Always   Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never

6. Do you spend less than you earn?

Always   Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never

7. Do you make the money you have work for you?

Always   Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never

8. Are you prepared financially for the unexpected? 

Always   Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never 

9. Can you live on a cash only budget?

Always   Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never

10. Do you feel like you are in control of your finances?

Always   Almost Always    Sometimes    Almost Never    Never 

To score your test allow yourself 5 points for Always, 3 points for Almost Always, 2 points for Sometimes, 1 points for Almost Never, 0 points for Never.




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